5 Great Ways on How to Hide Stretch Marks

5 Great Ways on How to Hide Stretch Marks

Most people, especially women, would confess that they are willing to do anything to get rid of stretch marks. Stretch marks occur mostly during pregnancy, but can be caused by weight gain and physical activities too.

These stretch marks are usually found on the legs, hips, and around the breasts. Fortunately, there is a way you can conceal them to feel comfortable in wearing clothes that are slightly revealing. There are many products on the market designed to either temporarily cover up or reduce their appearance.

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Here are some of the alternatives available for hiding stretch marks.

Ways for covering up stretch marks

Apply self-tanning lotions

Applying self-tanning products is a way of reducing the appearance of stretch marks. However, it is only applicable on mild stretch marks. If your blemishes are dark, the products will only make their appearance more pronounced since they are dark. Tanning products are also an effective and safe solution to sun bathing.

Use make up

Makeup is capable of concealing stretch marks to minimize their appearance. Regardless of whether you have severe to mild blemishes, applying makeup on the affected areas will allow you to wear shorts or swimsuits. To hide stretch marks, you need to wash the area with the stretch marks.

This way, you will have a clean slate to work on. Then, use a mixture of moisturizing lotion (preferably one that contains cocoa butter) and bronzing liquid. You should apply the mixture on the affected area. For those with faint stretch marks, this will be a perfect treatment.

However, if you have severe stretch marks, a concealer will be necessary. When you are buying this make up product, make sure that it blends with your skin. Many concealers are thicker in comparison to foundation so go for the thickest, in order to get heavy coverage.

Do not rub in the concealer, instead use a brush to dab. Finally, blot the area with powder as it enables the make up to appear better and it prolongs the lifespan of the concealer.

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Conceal with a tattoo

If you feel that the above methods are time consuming, cover the stretch marks with a tattoo. While it appears to be the easiest way of concealing stretch marks, it does not suit every single situation. Remember your skin is already scarred, hence, its ability to hold ink as normal skin does is compromised.

Therefore, you need to be wise when you are selecting your tattoo design. You also need a reputable tattoo artist who will be able to cover the stretch marks.

If possible, choose a tattoo design that will include the stretch marks. It is the only way the blemishes will be covered totally.

Moisturize skin regularly

The first step to treating or hiding your stretch marks is to understand their type.  If you have red stretch marks, it means that they are fresh whereas white marks indicate older stretch marks. Older blemishes may not go away on application of moisturizing creams. However, if you follow a routine they should appear less pronounced.

Tone up your leg muscles

Stretch marks are known to affect the legs. For those who love to show off some flesh, stretch marks are never welcome. However, there are natural ways of getting your skin back in shape. By walking, running, doing yoga and squats, you can tone your leg muscles.

If it is possible, hire a personal trainer who will advise on the best way to work out your muscles. With time, the stretch marks should be less outstanding. Exercise may not permanently take away your stretch marks but they can reduce levels of cellulite, which is present in areas affected by stretch marks.

Tips for consideration

It is essential that you understand that it is difficult to hide your stretch marks permanently. The methods presented above only allow you to have a temporary enjoyment. They enable you to wear anything you feel like, with confidence.

For instance, if you choose to apply makeup or use the self-tanning products, you will need to repeat the procedure anytime you are going out. When you are choosing make up products, it is important to select the ones that blend well with your skin tone.

Another thing, consider products with sunscreen, especially if you are often exposed to the sun. If you are to wear a swimsuit, it is advisable to wear it before you start applying makeup.

If you go for a tattoo, it might be able to conceal the marks permanently to some extent. All the same, this will depend on the tattoo design you select. Some designs may make the stretch marks to be more outstanding.

With that, you now know how to hide stretch marks. Unless you intend to place a good tattoo design on the marks, most of the discussed methods are temporary, such as application of makeup and self-tanning products. Other methods, such as exercises and applying moisturizing may help a great deal in the long term. Choose what works best for you or combine two methods.

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