Are Stretch Marks Permanent Absolute Treatment Solutions for Stretch Marks

Are Stretch Marks Permanent? Absolute Treatment Solutions for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are normally unsightly, preventing you from wearing some outfits since they can affect your confidence. In most people, they come about when they experience weight fluctuations, such as pregnancy. Some of the scars may fade go away to small silvery white lines, while others appear more pronounced.

Many people go to extra lengths to treat stretch marks. Some manufacturers produce products that claim to get rid of stretch marks permanently. Are stretch marks permanent? It is a question, which most people ask.

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What are stretch marks?

Statistics demonstrate that 90% of women worldwide suffer from stretch marks during pregnancy. In general terms, stretch marks are small tears in the skin that appear on the hips, tummy, thighs and breasts.  In some women, they will go away, but unfortunately, in most of them they do not disappear.

The amount of time that these blemishes will stick around and their appearance is dependent on some factors.

First, it is heredity. If you have a family member who has stretch marks, let us say your mother, you are likely to suffer from them too.

Secondly, how did you acquire the marks? For instance, if you had high levels of relaxing and estrogen hormones, you might experience notorious stretch marks.

Another cause for stretch marks is heightened weight gain. If you acquire much weight within a short time, you are at the risk of getting stretch marks. Puberty stage has also been associated with the appearance of stretch marks in adolescent children.

For people who use corticosteroids for a long time, they may also suffer scarring. Lastly, fair-skinned people are likely to get stretch marks than their darker counterparts.

Who suffers stretch marks?

While both men and women seek stretch mark removal, most patients are women. Stretch marks are among the physical signs of pregnancy. As the woman gains weight to accommodate the growth of the fetus, the skin’s connective fibers break down and disrupt the production of collagen. Eventually, this leads to scarring. Others who are affected by stretch marks are those who have lost a lot of weight or body builders.

Getting rid of stretch marks permanently

If stretch marks are managed early, they can be removed over time. Here are the available methods for getting rid of the scars:

Natural methods

Of course, you can get rid of stretch marks without going through a laser or a surgical procedure. You can use the conventional methods of removing stretch marks, which include lotions, creams, exercise and a good diet. The market has a wide range of products for natural removal of these blemishes.

However, they do not give the expected results to people with old stretch marks. While the products claim to be effective, there is little data to back up the findings, thus, natural solutions are only proven to work on fresh marks.

The products are preferred owing to their low cost. This makes them available at both offline and online stores. With these products, one does not have to visit a clinic regularly and they are generally safe. However, it is important to be cautious when using these products since some of them may contain ingredients that may harm your health.

Laser techniques

The laser technique is a new method, which is being used to remove stretch marks permanently. A beam of light is used to remove layers of skin around the affected area.  The laser can either burn or cut the skin tissues.

Alternatively, the laser uses powerful beam of light, which disintegrates the tissue.  Once the procedure is completed, the area heals relatively fast and forms new layers of skin tissue.  In the end, you will have kissed goodbye to your stretch marks.

Before you recover, the area may feel tender and appear red. The affected skin might exhibit the symptoms of a burnt or scalded area and the healing period might take a few days to weeks.  Nevertheless, it is more effective than most praised natural methods of removing stretch marks.

Even at that, the success of the procedure is dependent on the age of the scarring or its prevalence. Usually, severe and older stretch marks are hard to treat with this method. The patient might require around 10 laser treatments in order to get rid of the stretch marks permanently. The beauty with this method is its effectiveness, reduced cost, short recovery time and few risks. However, if the laser is not handled well, it might cause damage to nearby tissues.

Surgical procedures

Apart from natural methods and laser techniques, another way you can get rid of stretch marks is through surgery.  It is effective and permanent, but risky.  However, if you are adamant on removing the ugly marks, you may have to follow this path.

It comes with a fair share of risks, but in the end you will have even toned skin without a trace of stretch marks. This method is expensive and you might experience some complications. The surgical methods used for stretch mark removal include the popular tummy tuck. Also known as the abdominoplasty, it helps to tighten the muscles of your abdominal region.

However, as “Goodbye Stretch Marks” advises, before you go for surgery, be sure to ask your surgeon if they will guarantee results. Will they give you money back if the surgery fails? Of course, you might never get a refund if the procedure goes wrong. Read this e-book to learn how to get rid of stretch marks without pain.


Are stretch marks permanent? From the account above, these marks can be treated. The method you choose depends on the age of your stretch marks and the amount you are willing to spend on the treatment. Natural treatment methods are affordable, but their effectiveness is limited to fresh scars.

On the other hand, laser techniques are more effective, but they work on mild stretch marks. The only method that can remove the stretch marks effectively is the surgical procedure. It has its downside, but it is the only method that works on all kinds of blemishes regardless of their magnitude.

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